Our Debut Show!

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When you think of a birthday party what do you think of? Presents? Streamers? Sure you do, but no party would be complete without a cake. Yes you could head over to the nearest bakery and pick up a cake, but the best cakes are those made right at home, by drunk, 350 lb wrestlers. Amirite!? Step aside Martha Stewart and make room for our first show, Wankered with Wrestlers!

Our Guest Bakers

Chief Attakullakulla – Chief started Wrestling in 1986. He was trained by Irish Terry Gunn, a Wrestler in the NWA Central States promotion out of Kansas City. Shortly after his initial training, he moved on to Arizona and received additional training from Dale Pierce. He made several trips to Arizona in the late 80’s working for David Rose and Skip DeJordey. Over the years, the Chief has wrestled all over the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico. Check out his official Facebook page. 

Wild Man Beast – Beast has nearly 28 years of wrestling experience. Trained by Dru Tosel, he has wrestled for WCW and AWF. Beast was introduced into the Rumble for the Kids Hall of Fame and the RWA Hall of Fame in 2016. He wrestles in Puerto Rico and all over the US. Beast is the current United State Champion for S.A.W. ANARCHY in Marion, Ohio and the current United States Chamption  for R.W.A. Waseca, MN. Check out his official Facebook page.

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